TRAIN YOUR TEAM:  With years of experience managing a team of group exercise instructors and personal trainers, one thing is for sure, you can teach them how to use any tool in your facility!  All you need to do is build on their basic certification with the "how to".  Fitness Projects has developed a workshop series for you and your staff that will teach them how to "add" a new tool or training technique to their tool belt.  Want to add aqua to your list of workouts or personal training options?  What about adding suspension training, slam bells, med balls or balance trainers to your mix?  What can you do with those steps sitting in your facility and collecting dust?  Ever wanted to offer a "challenge" to your group?  Just add XYZ!  Our "Just Add" series is a three hour workshop of your choice that covers the basics for a particular tool or training technique.  This will get your team ready to add those to their tool belt.  With this two hour workshop and one hour interactive practical, your team of pros will be ready.  Many fit pros who attend a "Just Add" workshop by Fitness Projects are so energized with their new knowledge they go on to get a specific certification on the topic.  However, most find the "Just Add" workshop is enough education for them to master the basics and get going!  Proven topics in the "Just Add" series are:  Aqua, Suspension Training, Step, Circuits, Bootcamps, Challenges, Sandbells, & Cycle.  More topics can be added as the need arises.  Workshops are taught by Angela Davies or another subject matter expert on the Fitness Projects Team.  

OPPORTUNITIES for fit pros